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“Nothing Is Too Difficult For Thee and Me”


Call on me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.  (Jeremiah 33:3)


Nothing is too hard for our God!


Too often we settle for much less than what God wants to do through us. In (Jeremiah 32:27) We read, “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind, is there anything to difficult for me?” We answer, “NO Lord!” Yet when we face difficult situations and circumstances or new experiences, we begin to qualify our belief in God and lower our expectations of what God will do.

It is one thing to believe God could perform a miracle in the bible, or a thousand years ago, or even in the life of a friend;  It is quite another matter to wholeheartedly believe God can do anything He chooses to do in our lives! Yes He can, and He will! just    “Trust Him”

When almighty God speaks to us, what we do next proves what we believe about Him, regardless of what we say.

God revealed to Moses His plan to orchestrate the greatest exodus in human history, and He wanted to use Moses to accomplish it.

Moses responded by arguing with God! Moses was overwhelmed by what he heard and began to make excuses for why he could not participate in God’s activity. Moses could have readily acknowledged his belief in God’s power,  he simply did not believe God could do His miraculous work through his life. Moses’ argument with God limited his ministry for the rest of his life.

Can God use you? Can God use me? Yes! He can. Just “Trust Him” We all have opportunity everyday, if we will allow God to use us…as He pleases, no matter where we are.  Is it easy for us? Probably Not! But if we were to take a leap of Faith! Let me introduce you to my constant friend, who is here with me today. His name is FROG.

When God speaks, he leaps, I respond with here I am Lord.

“Fully Relying On God!”

The motivation for all I do and say, For every opportunity that God presents to me I am fueled by God’s Awesome Love for meall that Jesus has done for me and the Holy Spirit working in me. I can do all things for God and with God because; I am constantly,

 “Fully Rely On God”


No life is mere existence…here today and gone tomorrow, there is a lot takes place for us all between life and death. God has a plan and purpose for us all, It is a plan of good to give us a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)

God is with us! God is at work in every detail of our lives. Nothing is an accident. Nothing is a mere coincidence. Nothing ever surprises God. The surprises are on us. So be prepared to say; I am

“Fully Relying On God”


I am not the person I use to be before Jesus came into my life; And neither is anyone in this room. We had to learn to trust and obey.

Do you sense there may be much more that God wants to do through your life, than what you have been experiencing? Ask God to show you what it is, then be prepared to respond In “Faith”

“ Fully Relying On God”

He will never fail you nor forsake you, He gave His promise. Nothing is too difficult for thee, For you or For me… when we;

“Fully Rely On God”

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